Some people build engines and develop suspension components.  Some people fabricate and weld pipe to create plumbing for turbos and exhausts, other even become doctors. We LOVE restoration and preserving vehicles. 


At OTS our hearts has always beat for the purity of the aesthetic of automobiles.


 We have been serving our customers in the Madison and Huntsville area with quality and attention to detail service since we opened in 2006. Every vehicle that goes through our state-of-the-art facility or Mobile-Unit are treated with absolute respect. Every employee on our staff stands behind our motto, “No spot goes untouched!”


Besides our great "Hand Car Wash", We offer an exclusive range of vehicle appearance restoration services, including Hand car wash, detailing, window tint & paint correction to suit your individual needs.  We use the latest premium quality vehicle care products from the world’s leading manufactures to provide an extensive range of services which will ensure the flawless appearance of your vehicle. We have Interior and Exterior Detailing services that can make your car, SUV or pickup look just like new. 3M Window Tinting & Paint Protection.